we share our knowledge during legal training

we provide practical legal training

We wish to share our knowledge and experience with both clients and their employees. Of course, we are here to solve problems, but we also believe in the power of education and in preventing unnecessary conflicts – which is why we provide specialised training, both classroom-based and on-line, tailored specifically to individual needs.

Data protection training

We offer comprehensive and specialized training, in which we discuss:

● applicable legislation ● principles and grounds for data processing ● documentation needed ● information obligations ● security rules ● responding to breaches ● liability ● penalties and authority decisions ● issues of significance to HR departments regarding employee data

Copyright training

We offer training in the field of copyright, during which we discuss:

● the concepts of authors, works and copyright ● related rights ● situations to look out for when handling copyright issues ● common mistakes while drafting contracts ● rules for acquiring copyright and concluding licensing agreements

Corporate law training

We offer comprehensive and specialized training, in which we discuss:

● the principles of liability, rights and duties of board members ● rights from shares ● the principles of holding general meetings ● the procedure for challenging resolutions ● corporate disputes ● the necessary corporate documentation

Labour law training

As part of the labor law academy, we offer a number of training courses in the field of:

● hiring foreigners ● termination of contracts ● preventing mobbing (bullying at work) ● working time settlement ● improving skills ● remote working and teleworking ● parenthood-related entitlements ● pay policies and incentive schemes ● the company’s social benefits fund

Real property law training

We offer training for property managers, during which we discuss:

● applicable legislation ● administrative proceedings related to the investment process ● regulations for housing community meetings ● rules for drafting documentation and contracts ● the debt recovery process ● responsibilities of management boards ● removal of defects ● housekeeping regulations for multi-family buildings

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what are our training sessions like?

they can be held in a classroom or on-line

they are always tailored to the client’s needs

they can be addressed to managerial personnel or employees

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