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we provide comprehensive legal services in the area of litigation


We offer comprehensive legal services in the area of handling litigation, including before arbitration courts, as well as proceedings before administrative courts at all stages, starting from pre-litigation negotiations and ending with enforcement proceedings.

Our experienced lawyers specialise in a wide range of cases, which include:

  • Labour law issues: We represent both the employers and employees, including in particular in matters related to termination of employment, overtime, unequal treatment in employment, and harassment.
  • Commercial law issues: We assist our clients in resolving a variety of business matters, including commercial contract disputes, debt collection and unfair competition cases.
  • Corporate law matters: We represent our clients in a variety of cases in the area of corporate law, including disputes between shareholders, compensation cases against members of the management board and
    challenges to resolutions.
  • Matters relating to the protection of intellectual property: We handle copyright and trademark protection cases.
  • Real property law matters: We provide support in such areas as: disputes relating to real properties, lease agreements, as well as those related to the construction process.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to effectively represent our clients’ interests in litigation. We strive to achieve the best results for our clients, providing support at every stage of the dispute.

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