we specialise in labour law

employment restructuring, mobbing allegations, internal company regulations

labour law

We will provide you with full labour law support. We will help bring your company into compliance with all requirements under the Polish Labour Code, including employee data protection and social security matters. We will advise you on the processes of hiring new employees as well as on employment restructuring.

labour law areas that we can handle:

  • we introduce solutions that will optimise work organisation and employment costs
  • we carry out audits in the area of employees’ records
  • we provide advice both on the hiring process and employment restructuring
  • we prepare opinions and requests for interpretation of labour law and social insurance provisions
  • we represent our clients in court disputes concerning labour law
  • we provide specialist training sessions in labour law topics (classroom-based and on-line)
  • we handle mobbing cases (commissions, policies, negotiations, court cases)
  • we carry out explanatory investigations relating to whistleblowers
  • we provide support to our clients in the process of hiring foreigners
  • we provide comprehensive support to our clients in the area of personal data of employees

our labour law experts

Michał Nowicki


Katarzyna Jurewicz


Grzegorz Larek